Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Joys Of Motherhood After 40

By Henry Rogers

Many women opt to have babies during the earlier parts of their lives since having them later may have some health risks involved. However, there are also a lot of other women who find joy in having a baby even in the later part of their lives like even after their 40s. In fact, here are some good things on what to expect of motherhood after 40.

For first timer moms, there might need to be some adjustments when it comes to career because it will not be a priority anymore. While women who have been thriving in their careers up until their 40s might get a little overwhelmed when they have a child at this age. One may even have to give up her career as whole to tend to the needs of the child.

The thing about pregnancy and looking after a child is that it is a full time job. Even when the baby comes out, he or she will want the presence of the mother. This is especially true of the baby is breastfeeding which is why career would be secondary.

The good news here is that one will already have been able to secure her career making money not so much of a problem so she would most likely have a significant amount of savings put aside. This plus a stable job from the end of her husband and they can be able to financially support the baby without issue. Also, she will have already have established a nice position in the workforce which means that continuing a career in the future will not be that hard.

Other than being financially stable, women who have babies at an older age somehow are more mature and have a more able maternal instinct than younger moms. While younger moms do have that maternal instinct, most of them would panic when something happens. The ability to stay cool and collected does come with age and experience, which is something that older moms have. Even without the experience, they can take it better.

Aside from just them becoming more emotionally stable as they age, so will their partners. Young couples usually have trouble with their new family life because they are not mature enough to handle the problems and stresses that are a part of it. However, a couple that has already been established wherein both parties are already emotionally stable will have an easier time taking care of the baby.

Lastly, one interesting study by the Journal of American Geriatrics Society stated that middle aged women who are pregnant are smarter. They were able to find in their study that women who had children at 35 had better cognitive functions and memory. They also found out that women who had children after 24 are better problem solvers than younger women.

While there has been some stigma of having a baby after the age of forty, there are actually some benefits as well. With these benefits, it is no surprise that many women opt to have a child later on in life. As long as she keeps herself healthy, health risks are not too much of an issue.

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